His Fingerprints on Flakes of Snow

IMG_2951 2

They are so beautiful, aren’t they?  Our two beautiful little embryos already bear the image of God.  They each have beautiful, intricate DNA, stamped with God’s fingerprints.  It is challenging not to worry or be fearful as we wait to find out if they will “grab on”, if God will continue to knit them together in my womb.  We find peace and assurance, knowing that God is the author of life and these little lives have always been and always will be in His loving hands.  He knows every word they will ever speak, every step they will ever take.


My brother sent me a picture of the verses in the hymn, “Creation Sings” (by Stuart Townend, Keith Getty, and Kristyn Getty.) In the first verse, he circled that it has my name, flakes of snow, and newborn baby’s cry.   Obviously, this song is not really about me or about “snowflake babies”, but then again it is, because it is about God’s creation, His fingerprints in all of it, and His majesty.  We hope, through this entire journey, to glorify Him, and to share with our friends and loved ones the beauty we see, His fingerprints on our littlest babies.

As I think of all the other “one million and counting” frozen souls out there, I can see His fingerprints on them too.  “His fingerprints on flakes of snow.”  They matter to Him, and He loves each one.   I am thankful that God has allowed us the opportunity to add our fingerprints to five of these frozen little lives.  And for the two that are now living in me, how we pray that they will keep living!



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