Embryo Transfer Day


Today was the big day! A bittersweet day, colored with lament, and joy, and hope!

Three of our babies did not make it to today. We know they are in the loving arms of Jesus. Their names are Sam, Jesse, and Taylor. We lament when we think of the lives they did not live, and we grieve our earthly loss. Still we smile, with tears in our eyes, when we think of meeting our three precious babies at heaven’s gates. And we are thankful that their lives are no longer in limbo.

The two survivors are beautiful and healthy. Embryo transfer was at noon. The procedure was pretty quick. We suited up and were escorted to the procedure room. Matthew held my hand while these two beautiful babies made their journey into my womb. Our fervent prayer is that they grab on (implant) and stay healthy and thrive. Our blood pregnancy test will be in 10 days. So for now, we wait and trust.

Our doctor was talking about how amazing it is that these two embryos are 21 years old and are doing so well and that now, so long after conception, they have an opportunity to be born. We are in awe. When we were teenagers, we could never have imagined that our future babies had already been conceived! 11 years before we met, our babies were already alive! How incredible is that?

We talk often about how God has a plan for each of these little ones and for us. Sometimes, just like we have been learning though foster care, it is easy to clench our hands around what we want and say that it must work out this or that specific way. Daily, we open our hands and say, “God we trust that You know best, and we want to glorify You with our lives.” We are so thankful for this opportunity to love five little souls that He has knit together. We hope and pray that these two little surviving babies make it! Thank you, friends, for being our village!

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